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How To Film Weddings

Aug 12, 2019

Shooting 100 weddings in 1 year. We will say that one more time. 100 WEDDINGS IN 1 YEAR. Is this even possible? Would you want to even do this to yourself? Well Kaylor of Kaye Shaye Films did that in 2018. Over 100. This isn’t a podcast to tell you that you should shoot 100 weddings in a year. Rather a conversation with Kaylor about all she has been up to, the HARD WORK she has put in to grow her business into a 6 figure company.

We also talk about the video. Yes, that video. If you haven’t seen it, here is the link: She was featured in a Full Time Filmmaker video which caused quite the uproar on Facebook. Questioning whether a female in the industry can really make good money, and survive in a male dominated world. Well let’s just tell you this, and it is a spoiler alert, females are DOMINATING in the industry. John and Nick are pumped to share this interview with Kaye Shaye Films where we break down just how she shot 100 weddings in a year, what she is up to this year, and some helpful tips on growing a business through good ol’ hard work. We also talk about how she has gone from a few thousand, to right at 20K followers on her Instagram page.

Throw on those ear buds, and get ready for some #deepnuggets as we talk with Kaylor. Be sure to follow along live inside of our Facebook Group with the conversation!

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