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How To Film Weddings

Nov 27, 2023

Is it time to adjust your prices? How does your online presence influence your ideal clients? This week on the show John and Nick get into pricing strategies and market positioning. They explore the nuanced art of self-awareness, proactive decision-making, and more! Learn to play offense, leverage your relationships,...

Nov 20, 2023

This week John chats with Holly Felts, a high-end photographer who started her career around the same time as John. They share their journey together, how they've referred each other, the mindset behind their brands, how to work luxury weddings, and more! 

Nov 13, 2023

Are the weddings that you film fulfilling for you creatively? This we on the How To Film Weddings Podcast John and Nick are chatting about how to find and work with couples and weddings that you actually want to work with and not just couples that are paying you to be there.

Tomorrow (November 14th, 2023) is the last...

Nov 6, 2023

We're excited to welcome back another guest from across the pond, this week Richard Leng joins Nick to share his story, his passion for film, how he keeps his creative spark going, and much more!