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How To Film Weddings

Dec 26, 2023

This week on the show John chats with Daniel Shackleford of Shackleford Films. Daniel shares his journey into the high-end luxury market, how he networks, the power of second shooting, and much more! 

Dec 18, 2023

We know we're right in the middle of the time of year when most wedding filmmakers are buried deep in our backlogs and editing non-stop to catch up, so this week on the podcast, Nick flies solo and shares some of his top tips to help you edit your films faster and more efficiently. Let's go! 

Dec 12, 2023

With 2024 nearly upon us, we want to get ahead of the game and start talking about our Instagram strategy for next year. What's been working for us, what hasn't worked, trends we're into, and strategies we're leaving behind in 2023...all this and much more on this week's episode! 

Dec 4, 2023

This week on the How To Film Weddings Podcast, John and Nick are taking you through the concept of sales funnels...from your first introduction to potential clients to booking the couples you want to work with, and more! 

Nov 27, 2023

Is it time to adjust your prices? How does your online presence influence your ideal clients? This week on the show John and Nick get into pricing strategies and market positioning. They explore the nuanced art of self-awareness, proactive decision-making, and more! Learn to play offense, leverage your relationships,...