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How To Film Weddings

Jun 28, 2021

In this week’s episode we talk with Alex & Whitney from Sculpting With Time Productions. Highly regarded as the best wedding filmmakers on the planet. If there’s an award, they’ve won it. Pushing the limits of what can be done with wedding films.

John and Nick sit down to talk with them about how to get inspired...

Jun 21, 2021

So it feels like everyone has gone back and forth with TikTok. Is it just a place for teens to do trending dances? Have millennials taken over? Can you actually book real weddings on Tiktok? The answer is yes, and this week we talk with Lucy Mann of Lucy Camyrn Films to talk about her path as a young wedding filmmaker...

Jun 14, 2021

Richard Leng - Mindset for Growth
Today, on the podcast, we interviewed Richard Leng of RL Films, based out of the UK. We talked all about how he has positioned himself in a way to charge top dollar for his services. It all comes down to mindset. That, plus knowing the numbers of your business.
In today’s episode,...

Jun 7, 2021

I am a Fraud.
Ever feel like you aren’t good enough to be doing what you are doing? Or you aren’t experienced enough to be charging more than you are charging? What about when someone at a wedding makes you feel like your job isn’t important. Yep, we have been there, and to be honest, it sucks. 
But, in...