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How To Film Weddings

Dec 30, 2019

Don’t take legal advice from a friend. Take legal advice from a professional. We’ve had SO MANY questions regarding contracts, and legal questions, that we decided to bring on our personal attorney, Paige Hulse to answer your questions.

We posted in our Facebook group (join at a graphic that said “legal questions” and let you decide what we talked about. So we spent the hour chatting with Paige about all of the things you had asked. This episode is packed with useful info.

Paige helped write John’s contract, and has saved him literally tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. When it comes to your contracts, and running your business, you don’t want to skip past the legal aspects. Do these things right from the beginning!

Also as an added bonus, Paige has a contract template shop at that has specific contracts you can purchase for your business. From a wedding videographer contract, to a 2nd shooter contract, it’s all in her shop! Be sure to use promo code HTFW for 10% off your order!

We know you’re going to love this episode with Paige Hulse!

More about Paige (use promo code htfw at checkout for 10% off)

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