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How To Film Weddings

Apr 15, 2019

Let’s be honest, most of us suck when it comes to capturing clean audio on the wedding day. It’s something that videographers really don’t take enough time to really pay attention to when they get started. We just get what we can, and try to work with it. But more and more of us are really diving into how to get the best audio possible for our couples. What microphones should you use? How can you get the best audio for letters or speeches?

We are so excited for a BRAND NEW episode of the How To Film Weddings today with Ryan Cota. Ryan is a professional audio engineer that has produced feature films, music, and more. His day job includes being the audio engineer for the Sacramento Kings. This guy is a “super geek” when it comes to audio. We interview Ryan about everything it takes to capture the best audio on a wedding day.

So grab a coffee, put in those ear buds, and hear from one of the best on an incredible way to up the quality of your wedding films.

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