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How To Film Weddings

Feb 4, 2019

Not going to like, I (John) was a wee bit nervous to interview Patrick Moreau, from Muse Storytelling. To me, he is sort of a legend. Not only has the guy done so much for the wedding industry with tutorials, and story telling. But he has filmed some of the most incredible stories that the world has to offer. His company, StillMotion, began over a decade ago, and they literally changed the entire landscape for wedding filmmakers. He, and his crew were so far ahead of the curve, that they rather quickly were contacted by Canon to help them film tutorials for filmmakers. The films were driven by story. His crew was one of the first companies to do this. They opened up this whole new world (cue the Aladdin theme song) for people in our industry. Our eyes were open to the fact that you could literally have no boundaries when telling a story. I would catch myself watching his films and getting lost in the story. It wasn't just Uncle Fred with a camera and a big light. It was a production. A raw story, and it drew you in. You couldn't help but watch from beginning to end.

With their incredible passion for having no boundaries, and putting story first, their company exploded. Someone from the NFL saw one of their films, and hired them do a documentary on the Playoffs, then the Army vs Navy game hired them on a several hundred thousand dollar contract to product a documentary. This led to Patrick and the team winning an Emmy for their work, and SO MANY more opportunities.

After teaching so many courses on story, Patrick and his team created Muse Story Telling, and have broken down the exact science and psychology of telling a story. They taught courses and workshops around the world.

I owe a ton of my success to his work. I was so honored to get an hour of his time, and would love to hear what you think about this episode. A HUGE thank you to Patrick, and the Muse Story Telling team for letting us hear all of the things that are going on in your world.

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