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How To Film Weddings

Aug 19, 2019

50 episodes?! How did that happen? It is our 50th episode.

We knew we had to something big. We asked all of our famous friends, but they were all busy, so we settled with Aaron Tharpe (kidding). You may have heard of him or a little company called 31 Films. Yeah, that Aaron Tharpe. We think we are really special for having him on the podcast, because he is pretty much a legend in our industry. Not only is he charging $10,000+ for his wedding films, the films themselves are some of the best in the world. Using light, composition, crazy good gear and lenses, 31 Films crafts some of the best films you will ever see. You probably don’t need any introduction to Aaron, but in case you do, there it was.

Time for us to offer a HUGE thank you to the How To Film Weddings community. We had no idea what would happen when we uploaded our first podcast 50 episodes ago. The community we have seen grow is astonishing, and we pinch ourselves every day asking if this is real life. What kind of came from an accidental podcast recording has turned into the most listened to wedding film making podcast in the world (or at least we think so). We have come such a long way, but this is only the beginning. It wouldn’t be possible without YOUR support, so we just wanted to say thank you!

Thank you for listening in, for subscribing, for joining the Facebook group, for so many things. If we have never met in person, we hope to do so one day. We hope you know that we care about each and every one of you. Thank you for telling others about our show. We could go on and on forever, but just know that we are more than appreciative for you. Until next time, SEE YA!

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