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How To Film Weddings

Jul 25, 2022

Most wedding filmmakers don’t take the time to look at getting their own faces in front of the camera. We sit behind an editing bay all day long, and never take the time to get out there and show people what it is like to work with us on a wedding day. We stumbled upon UK based wedding filmmaker Russel Kent Nichols and quickly realized we’d love to get him on the podcast. He just released a brand new LUT pack with and also does an incredible job and showcasing his personality on social media. Couples can feel like they know Russell before they reach out, and that has caused his bookings to skyrocket. Not only that, he was named one of the UK’s top 30 wedding filmmakers, and his social media continues to grow. Grab those earbuds and check out this week’s episode with Russell Kent Nichols.

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