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How To Film Weddings

Sep 14, 2020

How To Build Packages That Sell

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In this week’s episode, we break down just how we build packages that sell in our businesses. In the past several years, both Nick and John have been able to grow their starting packages by several thousand dollars, and we want to show you how we have done it.

We have had countless mentor sessions, and most of the time, the main thing we focus on is getting people to tidy up their packages, and make it easy for the couple to purchase! This is an episode that we have taken right out of the course notes for our Complete Wedding Videography Course, and wanted to share it with you!

As we are releasing this episode, our Complete Wedding Videography Course comes out on Tuesday September 15th. If this information has been helpful to you, be sure to check it out before enrollment is closed! This will be the last time to snag it in 2020!