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How To Film Weddings

Apr 27, 2020

As wedding filmmakers, music plays such an important role in our films. Finding good music used to take forever. With sites like MusicBed, we have a much easier job.

A couple years back, a band called CHPTRS came out of nowhere and gave us music that helped us all elevate our films. We have both used CHPTRS so many times in our films, and were beside ourselves when the band told us they’d be on the show!

Josh and Jerad, formed CHPTS, and have been making music for a few years now. We talk to them about how they make their music, and the creativity it takes to put it all together. We break down how they come up with their songs, and produce such a unique sound. We also talk about how their art is so personal to them, and it’s so incredible to see how people perceive their art.

We can not wait for you all to check this episode out!


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