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How To Film Weddings

Oct 21, 2019

How much should you charge? When should you raise your prices? Most of us have just plucked a number out of thin air, and say “that is what I am going to charge! That is how much I am worth!” But to be honest, there really is no rhyme or reason behind why you are charging that much. So how do you know how much to charge? Nick and John break down exactly what they’ve done in the past decade to know their worth, price themselves competitively, as well as continually RAISE THEIR PRICES. It isn’t science, but there definitely is a formula when it comes to knowing what to charge, and when you are ready to raise those prices. So many people post about this in our Facebook Group, so we thought we’d spend an hour tackling the subject. This episode will help you to know exactly where you are in your market. Grab those ear buds, and pull up a seat for this week’s episode of the How To Film Weddings Podcast!