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How To Film Weddings

Sep 16, 2019

Check out Vision Question 2019 -

We did it. We have arrived. Sculpting With Time is on the How To Film Weddings Podcast. If you don’t know who these people are, Alex and Whitney Douglas are some of the best, if not THE best in the world. They have won pretty much every award there is to win as wedding filmmakers. Their films are mind-glowingly good, and are completely unique. Based in Houston Texas, but travel all around the world shooting gorgeous weddings.

John and Nick sit down with Whitney and Alex to talk about their amazing conference Vision Quest . The lineup of speakers is incredible. Be sure to check it out the link We also walk through their BRAND NEW wedding film, and Alex does a commentary on the film.

Such a great episode, and we are so pumped to make a HUGE announcement (you have to listen to the podcast to hear the news). Hopefully, we will SEE YA soon (hint).

List of awards include: WPPI Grand Film Award Winner 2018 + 2019, WPPI Bill Hurter Award 2019 (top photo or video scored in entire event-1st time a filmmaker has won this award), WEVA 2019 Filmmaker of the Year, For Loves Sake Filmmaker of the year 2018 + 2019, Love Stories TV Filmmaker of the year 2019)

Check out Vision Question 2019 here:

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