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How To Film Weddings

Jul 8, 2019

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We have been waiting to have these two on the How To Film Weddings Podcast for some time, and are SO EXCITED to bring you Rick and Sarah Pendergraft of PenWeddings. Widely acclaimed as the best wedding story tellers on the planet, these two literally travel the globe filming extravagant weddings with beautiful stories. When you watch a PenWeddings video, you know it is them because of their careful attention to detail, and their unmatched story telling ability. So Nick and John sit down to talk to these two about how they do just that, capture riveting stories. They have amassed nearly 50,000 youtube subscribers and have had several videos go VIRAL on youtube with well over a million views (and one with nearly 9,000,000)! They didnโ€™t do this by accident, they did it by telling stories that connect with people.

We ask them their process of getting to know the couples before the wedding, deciding what stories to tell, coming into the wedding day with a gameplay, and so much more. You might want to listen through this one a couple of times, because it is packed full with great info. Not to mention, Sarah and Rick are fellow Tulsans (shout out to Oklahoma) and have known John for years.

We canโ€™t leave without mentioning that we also talked about the Wedding Film Retreat. This getaway / retreat / conference is happening next January in Puerto Vallarta. A 5 day, all-inclusive resort style retreat where tons of amazing speakers are coming in to drop knowledge. Speakers in 2020 include Matt Johnson, Henry Martens, Jonathan and Kaye, and the Pendergrafts. What a ridiculous lineup for an incredible time to grow as a professional. Check out their retreat here to grab one of the final spots!

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