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How To Film Weddings

May 20, 2019

Hold up, wait a minute. Did that just happen? We are still pinching ourselves to make sure this really happened. John was able to sit down with ALL of the speakers from Venture Workshop ( for a LIVE Q&A in front of all of the attendees. We took questions from our Facebook Group (, our Instagram page (, and we took questions from the live studio audience.

We had fun, we answered some tough questions, and we all teared up a little bit to a few of the answers. The thing that we took away so much from this week is the community aspect. WOW. What a community of wedding film makers, and we were blown away at how they treated us. A huge thank you to everyone who attended, and for the people who put on Venture Workshop.

The lineup included Jay Worsley, Jordan Bunch, Seth Dunlap, David Reynosa, Calen Rhome, Matt Johnson, Scott McKenna, and Kristine Rhome. What in the literal heck. What a lineup. Check links below to follow everyone!

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