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How To Film Weddings

Apr 1, 2019

Not gonna lie, John fangirled out a little bit when we had Henry Martens from The Brothers Martens on the Podcast. If you haven't followed Henry's work, it is in a league of its own. Not only are the color grade and shot selection top notch, Henry brings in sound design and incredible edits to make true wedding FILMS. This isn't just a recap of the day, it is a film that constantly pushes the limit of creativity.

Henry is based in Texas (yay for another awesome Texan on the pod), but spends most of his time traveling the globe shooting destination weddings. He has filmed in countries all around the world including Bali, Italy, France, Iceland, Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Bahamas. He brings you there with him, in his films.

In today's How to Film Weddings Podcast, Nick and John interview Henry on how he has gotten so many destination weddings, how he approaches the shoots when he is in another country, tips for traveling with gear, and then we talk about his awesome sound design, and how he goes about building such incredible stories.

We could have gone on for another hour, so we guess we will have to have Henry back on the show!

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