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How To Film Weddings

Feb 18, 2019

Hold onto your Cowboy hats, we have another Texan on the Podcast today! Nick and John sit down with the man himself, Jordan Bunch, to catch up and talk about all of the things that he is doing these days.

Entrepreneurship runs through his veins. He is always building a new brand, or working on getting more business. This is the guy that started the Wedding Film Academy Podcast, and has had over 100 episodes of the show. He teaches in conferences all over the place, and has a passion for teaching others how to MAKE MONEY doing what you love. He has made the business side of running a business sexy again (he may even have a t-shirt that says "make business sexy again"). But in all seriousness, this dude is building an empire and it is quite inspiring to watch.

He started a boutique brand, Jordan Bunch Studios, which then grew into the massively profitable Lady Bird Studios shooting hundreds of weddings each year. His team continues to grow, and he is definitely aiming for the 7 figure mark in his business.

He's recently rebranded the Wedding Film Academy into Film Mavericks to reach a broader audience of filmmakers to make a bigger difference. He is focusing on creating photo & video content for businesses.

There is so much more going on with this guy, so grab yourself a cup of coffee, throw on the headphones and give this episode a listen.

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