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How To Film Weddings

Feb 11, 2019

Do you ever feel like you are just editing all of the time, you don’t have any fresh ideas, and that your films suck? Yeah, we do that too. You’re not alone. What it really comes down to, is that you have to make sure you don’t get yourself stuck in a rut. You can’t just look at what others are doing, and say “oh, I need to do it that way.” We are so very excited to share with you our How To Film Weddings Podcast, where we sit down with David Reynosa of Forestry Films.

If you have been in the wedding film world for any amount of time at all, you’ve most likely heard of the epic work that is happening at Forestry Films. Today we chat about how David has built such a loyal following, and how he has continually pushed the limit with his creativity by not limiting himself. We talk about how he began shooting weddings, his long history with street magic (yep, you heard it from us!), and his passion for education and entrepreneurship. We may have gotten carried away a bit by goofing off and laughing, so you will have to forgive us a bit.

Such a great episode, and we are so humbled continually by these guests that are joining us for the show. Be sure to like and subscribe, leave a review, and most importantly, share this with someone who needs to hear it!

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