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How To Film Weddings

Dec 10, 2018

Little did we know that when we reached out to Musicbed that we'd get to chat with their CEO and Founder, Daniel McCarthy. Both Nick and John have used Musicbed for years, and have been blown away with their customer service, quality of product, and overall brand.

We wanted to pick his brain about the brand new memberships program they offer, as well as how he turned his business from an idea, to a company generating millions of dollars with over 50 employees. How do they grow, yet still keep those core values?

We can learn a lot from Musicbed when it comes to customer service, keeping your mission in front of you, providing a ridiculously good product, and building a brand. We were both surprised at how much wisdom Daniel dropped on us during the podcast. Be sure to check out MusicBed, and their amazing membership program by clicking here:

We can't wait to have you check out this episode of the How to Film Weddings Podcast.

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