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How To Film Weddings

May 27, 2019

We have all been there. We wake up, open up our banking app, and see a negative balance. We frantically try to figure out what we can sell, what isn't bolted down at our house, and we wonder why we ever got into business for ourselves in the first place. It sucks. Straight up can drive someone to a state of depression if you aren't careful.

So what do we do to make sure this never happens again? Earn more? Spend Less? A lot of us creatives think we can out earn our stupidity when it comes to handling our money. You can have a high six-figure business, and still over draft your account if you aren't paying attention (trust us, John did this in 2017). We are all human, we all deal with this, so we figured we'd sit down and talk through what we both do in order to make sure this doesn't happen.

Nick gets a little vulnerable and asks John to go through his process of how he makes sure he doesn't over draft, and what systems he put in place to make sure he is solid, especially in the dry months, or the off season. This episode will give you so much PEACE if you follow what we are teaching. The truth of the matter is you HAVE to pay attention to this stuff or you won't be in business for long.

So pour yourself a cup of Joe, throw in those earbuds, and listen to John and Nick as they walk through EXACTLY what they do to make sure they don't overdraft their accounts.

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