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How To Film Weddings

Dec 3, 2018

When you think about charging the big bucks for weddings, one name comes to mind. Ray Roman. He is the official wedding videographer for the Trump family, celebrities, professional athletes, and so much more. His weddings are insanely epic. He travels the world filming multi-million dollar weddings, and hasn't slowed down in nearly 15 years. Ray's message is simple. Charge what you are worth. Don't give away everything and the kitchen sink for free. Build a BRAND that will allow you to demand the highest prices. If you don't, you will be stuck in the middle for the years to come.

So many of us undercharge for our services, thinking that we have to do so in order to "compete." But the truth of the matter is that if we don't raise the tide, you are hurting your market. We talk to Ray about how he charges tens of thousands of dollars for his weddings. You heard that right, TENS of thousands for his wedding films. It can be done. We also talk to him about the problem with our industry, and how we can all contribute to fix it.

Ray is a pioneer in our industry, and a wealth of knowledge about growing a brand that demands the highest price in your market. We sat down with Ray to talk about where he began, and how he got to where he is today. So many nuggets of info on this podcast, and we can not wait for you to hear from Ray on what he has been up to.

The hour flew by, and we will definitely have to have him on the How To Film Weddings Podcast again. Buckle up, this is a good one!

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