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How To Film Weddings

Sep 23, 2019

We stumbled upon a crazy video from a company called Blnk Films, and we were blown away. So much so that we had to figure out who was behind the camera on the shoot. Turns out, Kathryn Majic created this film. We posted it in our group, and it went kind of crazy. So many amazing shots, so many amazing moments.

We break down the film, as well as talk with Kathryn about how she has gone from nothing at all, to a brand that is killing it, in 2 short years. So amazing to see what up and coming filmmakers can do, especially so soon in their careers.

This episode is something you definitely want to tune into. No matter if you are new, or have been doing this a decade, you definitely want to check it out.

To see the film we are talking about click here:

Check out Blnk Films