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How To Film Weddings

Aug 10, 2020

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How To Film Weddings. What a great name for a podcast. Want to know what we really haven’t spent a ton of time talking about on this podcast, How to ACTUALLY film a wedding. In this week’s episode, we break down our strategies for filming a wedding ceremony. We are going to do more of these in the future, but we wanted to start with the ceremony. How many cameras do we use? What types of lenses? Do we shoot in slow motion? Where do we put our cameras? What is our strategy?

So many times we just assume that everyone has ceremonies figured out, and then we look in our group and realize there are just a ton of different ways to do it. So in this week’s episode we break that all down for you. Let us know in the comments if you like these sorts of episodes! We have more of them in mind for the future!

Also in the comments let us know how you shoot a ceremony! How many cameras do you use? Lens choices? Let's all help each other get better!