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How To Film Weddings

Jun 8, 2020

An honest discussion with Black Wedding Videographers 
With everything going on in the world, we wanted to take a week and slow things down, and talk about it. With the recent death of George Floyd, it sent the world into a frenzy, with rioting, protesting, and an outcry for change. 
So we invited a panel of guests to discuss the hard topics. This is different from our typical episodes. No sponsorship ads, just a real conversation.  A vulnerable conversation where we as some of the hard questions. 
Our heart is not to be insensitive, but to have the open conversations that are needed to change the story in our world. We hope this makes you think differently. We hope it helps you to see things through other’s eyes. 
Panel Guests
Joshua and Kariss Farris -
Matthew Reid
Britley Little
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