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How To Film Weddings

Jan 13, 2020

We can not believe it is here.

The Complete Wedding Videography Course.

When we started How To Film Weddings, we never thought it would be this big. We never thought it would turn into what it has. If you would have told us 2 years ago we’d be dropping a course neither of us would have believed it. But to be honest, it is exactly what we need to be doing. The wedding video industry is a tricky one. So many people start, but don’t thrive. That’s where the course comes in. That’s why we do the podcast. We want you to thrive in your business. We want you to grow as an artist. Nothing makes us happier than to see your work improve. To see your prices go up! So in this podcast we talk about why we do HTFW, and why this course is a life-changer for us. In case you haven’t heard, here are the details for the course :

The Complete Wedding Videography Course

3 modules Business. Shooting. Editing. The all-in-1 solution to run your entire wedding videography business. We open our entire playbook and show you exactly how we both run our 6-figure businesses! 24+ hours of content 2.5 hour behind-the-scenes video of John filming at an actual wedding 8 hour behind-the-scenes of Nick editing a full wedding film Recorded sales calls with real couples Digital template PDFs to help you run your budget, book higher paying couples, send out questionnaires + more! Check out the free section of the course, a consultation guideline on booking higher budget weddings, available today for you to download at #weddingvideography #weddingvideocourse #completeweddingvideography