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How To Film Weddings

Dec 16, 2019

When we started this podcast, there were some names out there that we thought we may never get to interview. One of those names was Riccardo Fasoli. We are more than excited to have Riccardo on the Podcast today!

Born in Italy, and now living in Germany, he travels the world telling stories that pierce you. His style is undeniably him. So we had to interview him about how he does it. How does he create such riveting stories on wedding days. We spend a large portion of the episode chatting with Riccardo about how he has sound his voice in the industry. How is he doing it, year after year. He is a legend, and we can not wait for you to tune into this episode of the How To Film Weddings Podcast! This one will inspire you to really lean into what makes you, you. Don’t be afraid to push the limit and be fully you.

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