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How To Film Weddings

Oct 3, 2019

Outsourcing. We get probably 10 emails a week from companies bugging us trying to edit our videos for us. Annoying is a nice way to put it. But here is the problem most of us face. The backlog monster. We get going in our busy season and shoot a ton of weddings, only to realize we have so many to edit. So do we just take forever to edit them ourselves? Do we hire one of these random companies that emails us?

The look and feel of your films is SO PERSONAL to your brand. Especially if you are a boutique video company. So trusting someone to edit your films is a huge risk.

Recently, John heard about a company called Wedditor. They didn’t reach out to us. We reached out to them. We wanted to make that point because they have NEVER cold called, or cold emailed someone. It has all been word of mouth (check mark number 1 in their favor). After chatting a bit with them, he hired them to edit one of his films. From the moment they began to work together, it was completely different than some of these other companies. Their attention to detail, and making him happy was number 1. John shared the news with Nick about Wedditor, and he began having them do his edits as well. We have both been blown away at how close they are getting on the first version of the films.

Fast forward a few months, and we worked out a deal for Wedditor to be one of our show sponsors. This is saying a lot, because we don’t just let anyone sponsor the show. Their team has been nothing short of amazing. Since we started spreading the news about Wedditor, their inbox has been inundated with emails and questions. So we thought it would be best to have them on the show to answer all of the questions about Wedditor, plus provide some knowledge just on the editing front. They edit hundreds of films, and see a lot of the same mistakes over and over again. We answer questions about editing, staying motivated and more. So great to talk to the CEO Michael, and the head of production, Sara, on this episode.

For more information about Wedditor check out and enter promo code HTFW for $50 off your first project.

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