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How To Film Weddings

Aug 5, 2019

John sits down with Henry Martens of The Brothers Martens to ask all of the questions about his upcoming trip to Italy, to film his first International destination wedding. The Brothers Martens travel all around the world shooting weddings, and although John has shot nearly 500 weddings, he hasn’t ever traveled outside of the U.S. to film one.

John and Henry chat about all of the things to be thinking about to travel for a wedding (not just internationally). What to pack, what to leave at home, and everything in between. This podcast is a bit different, because John was really wanting to just ask Henry all of the questions regarding travel. So this one is more of a podcast where you can listen in on the conversation, and hopefully pick up a thing or two about traveling.

We know this one is specific, but we KNOW that it will help you, even if you aren’t planning on traveling in the near future. Listening to the conversation will give you a behind the curtain look at what all we are thinking about for some of these bigger destination packages! We have actually interviewed Henry one time before, and it is a good one!

We also talk about the conference that Henry will be teaching at in October, Vision Quest. It is going to be insane!

We hope you enjoy! Until next time, SEE YA!