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How To Film Weddings

Mar 11, 2019

Excited to drop a brand new podcast, with someone you may not know quite yet. Nick sits down with Leslee Layton, an Oklahoma based wedding film maker, to chat about all of the things when it came to planning her own wedding. Through the stressful process, she has a lot to talk about that could help you, even if you are already married, or not yet married.

If you are in the wedding filmmaking industry and you are not yet married, you might have a leg up on those who get married before they get into this profession - you'd think so anyway. You probably have ideas for the style and look on the big day. But what would you say if we told you that even wedding professionals have a hard time planning their own wedding?

Leslee Layton of Leslee Layton Films got married in the Spring of 2018 and had been in the industry for almost a decade, yet the whole process was super overwhelming for her! Nick wanted to talk with Leslee about her experience as a bride and what she has learned from that process.

Two initiatives came from Leslee's experience as a bride - "Story First," and "Let's Revel." "Story First" is the direction that Leslee takes all of her couples through when planning out their wedding video. She walks her clients through everything that will help her tell a better story, even down to 'how to write personal vows.'

"Let's Revel" is a new blog launched last month that is aimed at giving real advice from wedding professionals to help engaged couples. Their message of the site is to help couples be real and authentic in their wedding day.

Buckle up, this one is a great one to listen to. We are excited to see what you think! Let us know in the comments below, or share this with someone that needs it!

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