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How To Film Weddings

Nov 26, 2018

We've all been there before. Annoyed by the photographer at the wedding. They keep walking in front of your shot, they don't give you enough time with the couple, their flash is going off like crazy. But what if it didn't have to be the video team vs the photo crew? What if we took the time to work together?

John sits down with Peyton Rainey, a wedding photographer that has traveled the world shooting weddings, and talks through what it is like to be a photographer and dealing with us, the videographer. This reverse-role scenario really helped to show what it is a photographer is looking for on the wedding day when she sees a videographer. There's a reason that most videographers get a bad name before they even start. Most of us don't take the time to try to work WITH the photographer. So many amazing nuggets in this podcast that will help your experience with wedding photographers be SO MUCH BETTER.

Peyton has been featured on the cover of magazines, in numerous publications, photographed celebrity weddings, and has traveled to over 30 countries shooting weddings! She has a MASSIVE following on Instagram, and has some of the most amazing, and adventurous photographs of couples. Not only is her style incredible, she is a business-minded wedding pro that has not only grown a huge following online, but continues to grow her profits along the way. If you haven't found her already, be sure to check out what she is doing with the links below!

We also dive into how she grew her Instagram account to 60,000+ followers, how she is getting to travel the world photographing weddings, and many more things. She is KILLING the business game, as well as the Instagram game, so we thought it would be super helpful to interview an actual wedding photographer to talk the nitty gritty of what types of videographers she wants to recommend, and what types she wants to avoid.

Pull up a seat, and dive in, as we hope this episode really helps you look at the way you approach working with wedding photographers differently.

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