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How To Film Weddings

Nov 6, 2018

Pull up a chair, put in your ear buds, do whatever you need to hear this podcast. Nick sat down with Jay Worsley of Everly Films (Check them out here He needs no introduction, but is well known for his incredible edits, visual storytelling, and work with drones. Not to mention he is one of the featured speakers at Venture Workshop (, and just released a Drone Master Class ( This dude is legit.

This conversation will challenge you to step up your game, not only with your aerial work, but with sound fx, and personal projects. They talk about the importance of doing passion projects, work that you have complete freedom to create however you want. Jay even goes into meeting with Philip Bloom, and the advice he gave him that has completely changed the way he does his work.

This podcast will challenge you to search within, and stop just going through the motions on your films.