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How To Film Weddings

Oct 30, 2018

So many of us have been getting strikes against our Vimeo accounts out of nowhere. If you are like John, you are frantically downloading films, trying to find a way to get them all off of your server in case you get the boot. Well, it happened to John the other day. Strike 3. A song that he had licensed was flagged, and the 3rd strike was given. The first 2 strikes came from private videos from before 2010 (Dance Recitals) that had unlicensed music on them. With all of this craziness, John cancelled his Vimeo channel, and looked for other option. 

Nick and John sit down and chat with the founder of LoveStoriesTV, Rachel Silver, on her platform that is build for the wedding filmmaker. Can we use her player to upload our videos to share with brides? Will it be as clean as Vimeo? We even get real with questions on what their plans are with LSTV, are they making money off our videos, do they plan to in the future, and more. Rachel wasn’t afraid to tackle some of the hard questions, and we are so happy she did. We sure hope you take the time to check out this podcast, as we know it will help your business.