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How To Film Weddings

Oct 23, 2018

A question was posted in a forum on Facebook, about "what things should I say to a bride on our first meeting." John read Phil Harbuck's response, and thought he was definitely onto something. The truth is, there is no formula. You can't just run down a list of questions, wave a magic wand, and book expensive wedding packages. It takes a lot more than that.

In this episode, John sat down and talked with Phil about his approach to client meetings, and how he has become quite successful over the years. They break down what they do when talking to brides, how they make sure they are taken care of, and their strategies for making sure brides book them if they are the right fit.

In the How To Film Weddings Podcast number 4, listen in as these two really get into the details of doing the hard work, the right way, over time, and seeing results. Can't wait for you to hear from these two!

Check out Phil's work here: